Contract Assistant™ manages business relationships between a company,
and service providers.

The system work flows service order requests from Cost Centers to a service
providers directly, or through a Facilities Department for authorization.

  • Contracts can be archived on line in their entirety, or as a summary analysis;

  • Termination and 'rollover' alert notices can be sent to system managers;

  • Periodic 'maintenance action' alerts can be sent to staff for follow up activity;

  • Vendor service calls can be requested for immediate maintenance;

  • The system provides for multi-vendor RFQ / RFP bidding, and evaluation;

  • History files are preserved for 7 years, and provide a basis for audits.    

    Contract Assistant™ basic setup form:                   


                Purchasing Assistant
                IT Asset Assistant™
                Inventory Assistant™            
                Savings Calculator
                Records Retention
                Subscription Fee



    •  Reduce 'maverick' spending;

    •  Increase budget control; 

    •  Reduce the cost of supplies;

    •  Eliminate manual paperwork;

    •  Increase employee productivity;

    •  Reduce invoice 'errors';

    •  Increase Audit control;

    •  Reduce Accounts Payable check
       processing time;

    •  Eliminate the need to hold large
       quantities of Inventory stock;

    •  Reduce Purchasing staff hours
       spent doing manual processing;

    •  Provides for Disaster Recovery;

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