IT Asset Assistant™ Manages all of the ownership requirements for IT hardware, software, service call, warrantee, and technical support services.
It tracks locations and archives information about the acquisition and final disposition of all registered network and out of network IT assets.

The complexity of IT asset tracking data grows proportionally with the size
of a company.  As such, the maintenance of this data becomes a critical information database required for efficient management.

IT Asset Assistant's 'Life Cycle' Management system includes the following:


  • RFQ / RFP to Purchase Order functionality. Once an item has been
    received, it simply requires the manual insertion of the item's serial number to initiate network and inventory tracking;

  • Product identification includes Mfg. serial numbers, item description,
    QR / Bar code capture, status, location, financial data, depreciation schedule, life expectancy, and withdrawal from service;

  • Warrantee and product license information includes service calls,
    product upgrades, and recall notifications;

  • Asset disposition provides for the destruction, or reclamation of any salvage value obtained from hardware removed from service.


IT Asset Assistant™ management systems can be obtained in two formats.

  • As a complete IT asset management system that includes an integrated procurement and service call functionality;

  • As a procurement 'front end' that generates an exportable file that integrates into existing IT asset management programs.




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