Inventory Assistant™ monitors and controls Inventory held in onsite, or at offsite vendor storerooms. It coordinates and maintains stock levels, provides for the ability to order or reorder items based on projected usage, minimum level re-order points, as well as multiple user defined criteria, all in a real time, interactive environment.

Inventory Assistant™ provides the following:

  • Stock room inventory levels are based on real time transactions;
  • Items are displayed in each store room location by quantity on
    hand, quantity on order, items requested by cost centers and
    stock reorder levels;
  • Inventory values are based on a FIFO basis;
  • Pick tickets are automatically generated and sent to stock
    rooms for product release;
  • Stock level reports automatically adjust for the receipt of
    new products, vendor back orders, items returned for credit,
    and items returned to stock;

  • Reports and be viewed online, or data can be downloaded to
    spreadsheets for detailed analysis and records retention.


Forms held at a printing vendor's forms management warehouse are accounted for in a real time basis. Graphics can be viewed online and design changes can be transmitted by cXML, e-mail, or Fax.



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Purchasing Assistant™ maintains
       Inventory control for forms and
       products held onsite, or in offsite
       vendor locations.


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