Purchasing Assistant's™
low monthly subscription fees are both reasonable and easy to understand.
  • All system applications are subject to a $500 minimum monthly charge;

  • The monthly fee starts at $30 per cost center / ship-2 address, and decreases as the number of cost centers / ship-2's increase. Two (2) logons are provided for each cost center;

  • IT Asset Management, Inventory Management, or Service Contract Management fees, are calculated on a case by case basis, but can be 'bundled together' if more than one system is employed;
  • Should the facts and circumstances require the use of a custom fee schedule, specific quotes can be provided and applied to annual contracts.

Training is provided without charge via teleconference, or web sessions. Onsite training is available with fees determined on an hourly basis, plus travel and expenses.


Purchasing Assistant's™
fee is most often viewed in terms of a net 'cash back' calculation. Participation in the program's optional national account pricing program normally provides system users with access to thousands of items at exclusive, discounted prices.

                   Purchasing Assistant
                   IT Asset Assistant
                   Inventory Assistant™
                   Contract Assistant™
                   Savings Calculator               
                   Records Retention                  

      Purchasing Assistant's™ services
      will generally provide clients a net
      return (ROI) within the first 30
      days after full implementation.



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